There are several things you can add to your crochet to “doll” it up.

Beads: (my favorite)

Crocheting them in requires that you string enough beads onto the thread before beginning the work. If you have too many, you can remove them when you cut the yarn. Too few and you will have to sew the remaining on.

I like to sew my beads on after work is complete. This way, I can use any size bead, thread with regular thread and attach where I want them.


The best way to make pompoms is to use a pompom tool. Tie pompom to project with yarn and triple knot. Make sure the pompom strings will not pull out.


Most tassels should be 6 – 8 inches, therefore cut strands of 13 to 17 inches long. You can use as many strands as you like for each tassel (scarves are okay with 1 or 2) (blankets do better with 4 - 6) Insert hook into project, fold all strands for that stitch in half. Hook strands at halfway point, pull through project. Pull loose ends through “loop” and pull loose ends tight. If you miss a strand, tug each strand individually until you find the one that is loose. (Your preference on the appearance on your project will decide if you pull through the back or front of your piece.)


Buttons can be used as decorations or actual buttons. Attach buttons with thread, not yarn, as you would attach a button to non-crocheted items. If using as an actual button a button hole will need to be planned for and created on attaching side of work. Make button holes first, make sure your button will fit through (and not come out on it's own), then align button with button holes to ensure flat closures.


When attaching a zipper for pillowcases or purses, you will sew directly to the underside of the project yarn. Make sure to sew through, over or around yarn to secure. By using thread, it is possible to make the stitches invisible on the outside of the project.